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Headquartered in California, LAWPP pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation to provide convenience for you and your clients. Have you ever dreamed of having legal procedures (wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.), legal documents, court forms, letters, and more that are automated, customized and accurate, while avoiding passing any sensitive and identifiable data over the internet? Then LAWPP® is the solution for you and your clients.

We offer two mobile programs that satisfy most legal needs: (1) Esq. A.I.® , and (2) SCUG® guides. These programs—along with a custom A.I.—make possible the automation of the legal field. They are perfect for large law firms large and small and for hospitals, medical establishments and other businesses.

If you are interested, please use the contact button below to inquire whether LAWPP® and its programs are right for you.

Legal & Social Programs

Esq. A.I.

Esq. A.I.® utilizes a simple interface and custom designed program to automate almost any legal service and need in 35+ fully voiced languages. The program allows anyone – from a seasoned attorney to a first-time client – to complete legal documents, forms, letters, and procedures quickly and accurately based on users’ responses. Being cyber-security conscious, no information is passed on the internet, ensuring that all information remains between the attorney and client and no one else. The programs can switch easily to almost any language, which is especially useful for pro bono and public interest legal clinics. Lastly, Esq. A.I. can dynamically create a custom legal document and/or use court forms to provide an all encompassing legal service.

SCUG Guides

SCUG® guides are free and simplified public instructional guides on various legal areas and other resources such homelessness and mental health. These guides provide streamlined legal information and maps of local resources based on someone's GPS. There is no charge to be included in the guide, but LAWPP® aims to provide only clinics, public agencies, legal aids, and non-profit public interests resources that are committed to serving the public. Currently, there are two published guides on Small Claims and Los Angeles Homelessness. With additional support and funding, more resources be made for Veterans, Elder Abuse, Identity Theft, Domestic Violence, Landlord/Tenant and Housing, and more.





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