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Legal Programs

Esq. A.I.

Esq. A.I.® allows any user (client, attorneys, staff, etc.) to automatically and dynamically create and print any legal document/forms/letters without any internet connections or power outlets. This is the next evolution of fillable PDFs since the page is literally being created from scratch based on a client's responses. Anything can be added or removed to create a custom tailored legal document. The main goal of the program was to allow a person with autism or down syndrome to dynamically fill out legal documents by themselves without the assistance of anyone else. It turned out that the desired outcome was so simple that anyone can complete the forms. Alternatively, the program can be adapted to be a companion piece for any attorney through more complex legal commands.

This entire process will allow any law firm or public interest to go anywhere in California and complete, print, sign, and witness legal documents without any need for an internet connection or power outlets. Since the programs function without internet, no sensitive data will be put online and attorney-client confidentiality is better kept. Also, this program can be custom tailored for almost any legal application and process, including filling out a package of documents consisting of legal forms, letters, and documents within seconds. Lastly, the program can be translated into almost any language and speaks back in almost language.

CURRENT PROGRAMS: Power of Attorney for Healthcare (Advance Health Care Directive), CA Statutory Wills, and various intake modules to an online database.

IN PROGRESS: Immigration, Expungements, SSI Appeals, Bankruptcy, Identity Theft, Small Claims, and other modules.





SCUG® is a How-To-Guide on anything you need to know on various legal subject matters in a simplified manner that also lists local resources near you (with clinic times, phone numbers, etc.) on an actual map. On this map, the user clicks on any resource and it pulls up an information pane. From there, the user can get immediate directions to the place or make a phone call with one button click. I can create how-to-guides for anything, such as domestic violence, elder abuse, landlord/tenant and housing, consumer fraud, ID theft, small claims, homelessness resources, etc.

There is no charge to be a part of a of the guide, but LAWPP aims to provide only clinics, public agencies resources, legal aids, and non-profit public interests establishments. The first guide would be on Small Claims, with hopes to acquire additional funding to build guides on Homelessness, Elder Abuse, Identity Theft, Domestic Violence, Landlord / Tenant and Housing, and much more.




SCUG® Slap-It-Down™ programs are automated fully voiced legal notes program designed to provide assistance in memorizing foundational law different legal areas.

SCUG® Slap-It-Down™ Contracts is good for bar exams, law schools, or seasoned attorneys needing to brush up on foundational legal knowledge for contracts. The main goal of the program is to provide foundational information in an automated fully voiced system at different speed settings (8 different voice speeds) so people who are receptive to auditory learning will be able to memorize contracts quickly and effectively. By having a fully voice system that is automated, core and foundational concepts for law can seep into the mind with little ease.




Additional Program(s)



Incri-Timer™ is an incremental timer and alarm for numerous purposes, such as exercising, physical therapy, studying, working, cooking, brewing tea or coffee, timed activities, timed games, games, parenting, child discipline, child punishment, timeouts, breast feeding, and much more.

To use:
(1) Set the original time for the timer, and
(2) Set how much time you would like to increase after each use.

The timer will automatically add the selected time increments with each additional use. It is that simple.

You no longer need to reconfigure a timer's settings for processes that require incremental timing. Incri-Timer automates that process for you. Incri-Timer is good for almost any application in which you need an incremental timer, such as exercising, physical therapy, studying, working, cooking, brewing tea or coffee, timed activities, timed games, games, parenting, child discipline, child punishment, timeouts, breast feeding, and much more. There is a alarm sound and vibration settings, and more alarm sounds will be coming soon.

There are so many applications to this program, that it is difficult to come up with them all. We hope you enjoy this program!




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